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Brief Bio

Startups: I've built 3 startups & scaled my family business in last 9 years 1. Zenmer: Cloud-based ‘Travel Platform as a Service’ helping TMCs, Corporates, and Suppliers optimize their business travel management. Processing $2.5mn annually with 1000+ transactions every day. 2. Airhob: Grew our family travel business 2x within one year with B2B Travel APIs 3. Corselo: Online EdTech marketplace for offline physical courses 4. mYwindow: B2B Payments, processed $1mn+ annually. You may read more about the entire startup journey here .
  • Consulting: I consult startups part-time in their zero-to-one journey, with most recently Haptik to help build interakt as a Senior Product Consultant. Haptik is acquired by Reliance Jio for $100mn.
  • I build TravelTech courses for students, employees and early entrepreneurs in the travel industry that teaches 100x more than any other travel institute out there.
  • Created independent short films, documentaries and corporate films
  • Skills I possess: Building Tech Products, Product Management, Writing & Creative Design, Front-end UI Development, Public Speaking, Film editing & VFX.
  • I love: 📚reading ✍️writing 🔭sci-fi and 🏏cricket.

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Favorite Books
  • Self help + Mindfulness: The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Who will cry when you die, Awaken the Giant Within, The Power of NOW, The Power of your Subconscious Mind, The Art of Thinking Clearly, The subtle art of not giving a F**k
  • Business + Wealth: The Science of getting rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Zero to One, The hard thing about the hard things
  • Sci-fi + Meta: Harry Potter, Waitbutwhy blog
Favorite Movies
  • Sci-fi + Meta: Interstellar, Avatar, Inception, Martian, Life
  • The Peaceful Warrior, The Secret, The Invention of Lying


Conversations around topics that can keep me up at night

  1. Outer Space & SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
  2. Human Evolution + Simulation
  3. Brain OS
  4. Longevity
  5. After life
  6. One Race (Humanity) <> One Currency <> One Religion (Spirituality) <> One Citizenship (Solar)
  7. Transforming the education system

Interesting facts about me

Outside of building 4 startups and indie-projects

  1. I bought my first Bitcoin in 2014 when it was just $666 and then a few more when it dipped to ~$200. I had liquidated most of it in the subsequent 3 years.
  2. I've developed an amazing skill to craft Emails/DMs that have over 80% reply rate.
  3. In Feb 2017, I started a daily vlog where I documented building Airhob. I did it for 6-8 months, you can watch the first 3 min video below where I shared WHY I started a vlog. All the further videos can be seen on my YouTube channel.

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