US trip experience

Oct 18 - Nov 17, 2013

  • First Airbnb stay at Aurora's house in East Palo Alto. I was shit scared to be staying in a stranger's house but the moment we met, I was at ease and she is an amazing person and became a good friend.
  • Met Avi who was staying in the next room and visiting for the Startup School itself. He offered me a lot of rides to and fro to the event.
  • The event had Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Chase Adams and more amazing speakers. Met a lot of great folks at the event including Robert Scoble who gave me a good try of his Google Glass (Oh yes, they did exist, if you forgot!).
  • Thanks to a few friends who were working at Facebook, Google, Yelp and Twitter, I was able to visit the offices and it was such a delightful experience to witness the working culture which was so different compared to here in India (at least around that time).
  • For the first time, I used an Uber in 2013 but the moment I tried Lyft, I never looked back.
  • Extended my stay and made friends like Aurora Chiste, Avi Meir, Joseph Ferrer, Anniesh Gupta, Ryan Allis, Patrick Riley and more.
  • Thanks to my friend, who helped me tour San Francisco as a pure local for a full day by taking me to Sausalito, Golden Gate and more.
  • Visited New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles.