Startup Role | A Memo

I see myself mainly as a 'Full-stack business guy' as I’ve extensively worked in product, design, funnels, cash flows, taxation, and mainly solving complex business problems. I love the journey behind building 0-to-1 products.

I'd love to work on a role that's at the intersection of product strategy, design and leadership or specifically:

  • Head of Product
  • Product manager/lead
  • Business Lead - Developer APIs / Payments / TravelTech
  • Partnerships
  • I'm also open to other roles as I've pretty much done everything as a solo founder in the last 9 years within Payments, Enterprise Travel and the EdTech domain.

What I have done (click me)

Startup: Zenmer | Business Travel & Expense Management

  • While building the MVP for the first year in private beta, we onboarded three TMC reselling clients which together has a ARR of $70mn+
  • Our TMC clients made 1000+ transactions every day (Pre-Covid) using Zenmer with a total booking volume of over $3mn.
  • I struck a $200k reseller partnership in UK to expand our footprint outside India in May 2020.
  • We partnered with and integrated several global travel aggregators like Travelport, Amadeus, Sabre, NDC and commercial airlines like Indigo, GoAir, SpiceJet etc.

Startup: Airhob | Travel APIs, B2C+B2B Travel Booking engine

  • I built the first version of the front-end for airhob.com booking engine where travel agents and consumers could book flights, hotels, sightseeing activities, trains, rail passes and tour packages.
  • Hired a team of 15 people including devs, designers and content creators
  • Hosted 'Airhob Travel Diaries' video blog to attract travel startups to use our APIs and travel agents to use our B2B platform to make bookings and earn commissions.
  • Struck partnerships with several travel suppliers to ensure best content and pricing for our clients.
  • Helped double revenues to $2mn within the first year.

Startup: mYwindow | B2B cross-border payments, Consumer Social

  • I hired and lead a team of 15 people (IIT/NIT/BSc Comp Sci) to build mYwindow: a creator-community focused social network.
  • I've self-learnt front-end development and have been designing complex UI for consumer social, payments, education marketplace and b2c-b2b-b2e travel booking platform.
  • We had built: - creator profiles with rich imagery with the functionality of following other creators within the community of interest. - news feed of content shared within the community one follows - P2P DMs and community-based chat rooms using ejabberd XMPP application server
  • To enable payments, I had incorporated in the United States as a foreign national in 2013 to be able to work with Stripe and other payment processing companies.
  • We allowed creators and SME owners to accept payments from their audience and clients and processed $1mn+ annually within one year.
  • Built the entire payments infrastructure by setting up a C-corp in the US, and payments processing with Stripe and Braintree. The core product lifecycle including onboarding, transactions, payouts, chargebacks and customer support - was all led and managed by me with a great small team.

Film-making & Content

  • I've written stories and screenplays for short films, documentaries and corporate ad films when I was 18 years old.
  • I've got 10 best short-film awards in university film festivals including Satyajit Ray Film Institute, Kolkata.
  • I've edited short and long length films using Final Cut Pro (FCP), Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • I've done Visual Effects & CGI using Adobe After Effects for short films.

What I can do (click me)
  • Product Strategy/Management: I can be given a product idea and I'll create the entire ecosystem of user stories around it combined with product design, tech architecture and steps to MVP.
  • UX Design: I can simplify complex user journeys that lead to growth and delight. I understand and code front-end using CSS & HTML too and utilize complex no-code tools to basic working mockups. I can do all sorts of creatives (static, videos) for marketing and branding.
  • Partnerships: I'm a sharp communicator and good at building EQ with people. I've worked with startups, developers and enterprises (closed $200k+ single deals).
  • Intuition: I can look at an existing product and find hidden opportunities for new scale and story telling opportunities, with steps to lead the change as well.
  • Leadership: Hire and lead people that are smarter than me with a sense of purpose and freedom.
  • Simplification: Turn tons of data, thoughts and chaos into categorically organized datasets and simple words of wisdom.
  • Writing: I love writing, and can create conside content that makes a clear point.
  • Lead mindfulness, meditation, spiritual sessions :P
  • Branding: Creating a compelling brand positioning that talks passion, inspiration and action.
  • Huge self-motivation and will power to persevere on missions that has a strong inspiring purpose.

Domain I love

  • Payments/FinTech/Crypto/DeFi
  • Travel: Consumer, Agencies, Business Travel, Suppliers, and any other end-to-end service
  • EdTech

How I see myself working

  • I can commit anywhere between 20-40 hours a week depending on the work.
  • I love working remotely in an asynchronous manner, at the same time driving full accountability and focus on quality over quantity.
  • I believe that a great talent brings great success and expertise because he's capable, and not because he's working only on one thing for 40hrs a week.
  • I can get things done if I'm capable of it, even if I don't work full-time for a project/business