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1:1 calls with founders and youngsters every weekend to help them with their doubts & questions.

I do one-hour calls every weekend. If you're interested to chat, all you have to do is just fill this simple form & if I feel I can add value to you and your business, we'll setup a time for the call.

Why I'm doing this?

I wish I had an hour of time with myself 10 years ago. Whenever I've spoken in colleges or conferences, I've been humbled by the feedback from listeners on how few of the advices or stories I shared in that talk 3 years ago, still helps them navigate the difficult times in their startup.

I've had a lot of lows in these years when nothing seemed to be working, but found myself really lucky to find the right people in the journey who gave me few hours of their valuable advice over the years which helped me move up the ladder.

Speaking events

I've spoken at 15+ events including Engineering colleges, IIMs, career events, startup events and more.

  • IIM Nagpur: Sharing my entrepreneurial journey to a female-only group from IIM Bangalore while in their entrepreneurship bootcamp.
  • Rotary Club: Sharing my entrepreneurial journey
  • Lemon Ideas: Sharing my entrepreneurial journey
  • Menti Club: Building a career in travel industry

and more


In Feb 2017, I started a daily vlog where I documented building Airhob. I did it for 6-8 months, you can watch the all videos on my YouTube channel.

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